Designer dresses for the budding fashionista

Fashion can be tricky, especially for young women hoping to make a good impression. With the thousands of different styles of clothes and accessories, one can get lost in the selection. But a sure way to instantly look good is by buying designer dresses.

It’s not just about the brand, but the quality and the style. One can’t go wrong with a simple or classic dress paired with chic pumps or boots. A dress is very straight-forward since it is just one piece of clothing. A young fashionista does not need to worry about mixing and matching. A girl does not have to worry if the patterned blouse matches with the striped pants. The same applies to color. The only matching needed would be to find shoes with a color that complements the dress.

When picking out the perfect dress, one must consider the style and the fabric. Is it appropriate for the office? How about for a party? Where will it be mostly worn? Is the fabric thick enough for cold weather? Is it light enough for the summer?

Designer dresses last a lifetime because of the impeccable quality of the fabric used. Some may be made in other countries but it is always a guarantee that the materials used are sturdy. These are fabrics that won’t wear and tear after a few years. The reason why it is expensive in the first place is because of its quality. There is a high demand of quality for things, resulting in relatively high prices. But it’s always worth it to choose quality of quantity or the trend.

As long as it fits, a branded dress will serve its purpose. It will also most likely never go out of style. The dress is in itself a classic piece of clothing. Decades from now, people will still wear dresses. Decades ago, women wore dresses similar to that of today. A nice silhouette will go a long way. Make sure that the dress has a nice length and neckline, as well as a color that will still look fashionable years from now.

It is always a good idea to invest in designer dresses that you can wear for both casual and formal events. These are dresses that are not too revealing or loud in color. It can transform from day wear to night wear with the help of a blazer or accessories such as scarves and necklaces.


Transforming Your Look From Day to Night

Whether you’re Queen of the busy bees or need to pack light for a weekend away, it can be difficult for girls on the go to work a day and night style. But it can be done. So that you can rock your outfit and easily transform from daytime chic to evening glamour, here are a few tips to help you work a simple but effective style.


Blazers and Jackets

A relatively simple outfit can be made incredibly glamorous for an evening just by putting on a glittery jacket or cutting edge blazer. This is a great solution for working girls and weekend socialites, as a blazer will match with anything from work trousers to jeans. Go for a striking prints and patterns to complete your colourful summer look, or keep it simple with fresh and feminine pastel colours that can be worn time and again. Another great thing is that when it gets chilly later on, you’ll be prepared!

Makeup and Go
Highlight your look with a little help from your make up and be ready for anything on an evening. Taking up next to no room in a handbag or suitcase, it’s an easy way to glam up
if you’re tight for space when packing. Bright orange lipstick is a sensational trend from summer 2014, whilst cat eyes are here to stay for instant night eyes. Invest in some beautiful eye shadow colours to match with your wardrobe and you’ll look fresh as a daisy even after the longest of days.


Make a Statement
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and statement jewellery can dazzle just as much as a new outfit if you need a quick fashion fix on an evening. Big is better this season, and feel free to layer it up. From gold cuff bracelets to bold drop earrings, accessorizing is an easy way to add a little sparkle to your day wear.


Nothing says night out like a killer pair of heels. Whether coming from the office or ditching your daytime flats, an impressive pair of shoes makes an evening outfit. Block heels
are the latest thing this season, with the option to go super high or keep it subtle depending on how comfortable you are in heels. Meanwhile, two part heels have also made a comeback, which thankfully puts an end to stepping out of your stilettos as you try to make an entrance! If you don’t have room to store a change of shoes, go for summery wedge heels that don’t look overly dressy for the day. For work, wear a simple but bright pair of heels that can switch been smart and glamorous with a help from the jewellery and makeup department.

Be savvy with your style and take the stress out of that jam-packed social calendar. Buy clothes that can be dressed up or down and you won’t need to pack a change of clothes. Accessories, shoes and jewelleries can transform an outfit to help you get more value out of it, and avoid those heavy rucksacks and late arrivals!


Buying Suspenders for Holding Up Stockings

Suspenders are usually worn with lingerie. A suspender belt is worn around the hips to hold up the stockings.

Suspender is popularly worn by men. They wear a suspender to hold up their pants. Notably, wearing a suspender is also popular among women these days, although women only wear a suspender from waist to legs to hold up their stockings.

Suspenders come in various sizes in terms of width. However, thin suspender is more popular among women than the thick ones. Normally, a suspender for ladies has a width of one inch. Some are even ¾ or half an inch thick. Women favor thin suspender, because it is less bulky and looks more elegant than the thick ones.

Suspenders for women can also be of clip-on or button-on type. Most women prefer the clip-on suspender because they are much easier to wear and secure. Nonetheless, button suspender is also appropriate for women. Moreover, both type can be suitable for men and women.

In terms of suspenders for ladies that are designed to hold up stockings, styles vary mainly in terms of fabric, length, height, design, and color. Like pants and underwear, suspenders are grouped according to where they fall on your waist or hips. That is, you can find high, mid, and low-rise suspender. When buying a suspender, you need to consider the type of underwear over which you will wear the suspender. For instance, a low-rise suspender will not look good with high or mid-rise underwear. However, some women can pull off a mid-rise suspender with low-rise underwear.

The material is also something worth considering when buying a suspender. A suspender can be made of elastic materials, but most are mainly made from lace or silk. In terms of laces, a suspender for holding up stockings may have patterns that vary widely, with floral being the most popular.

In terms of color, most women tend to wear a suspender with the same color as their underwear. However, some ladies choose to mix and match. For example, a black suspender with white lace edges can be worn over a sexy black underwear. In addition, designers and manufacturers tend to create a suspender that exactly matches the panty and bra or corset top. These pieces are then sold individually or in a package.

When buying a suspender, you do not have to worry much about the size. The sizes of suspenders are flexible because these pieces of clothing are made of elastic materials.


Plus size women’s dresses today

A dress is classified as a plus size when it ranges from a size 12 to a size 24. In the past, no dresses were made using that label—plus size woman’s dress. All dresses were more or less the same size or within the range of a size 2 to a size 8. It was so uncommon for plus size dresses to be made that in the early 1900’s Lane Bryant made a range of plus size dresses but they were introduced as dresses for expecting mothers, this collection was put out and it is now what we know as maternity clothing which is very different from today’s plus size women’s dresses. Lane Bryant was actually what one could consider a pioneer in this type of clothing because in the 1920’s she also put out a range of clothes but they were under the label: for the stout women. If a range with that name were put out these days, it would most likely cause an outrage.

It does seem that there was not really a market for plus sizes when it came to women’s dresses. The UK retailer Evans was only founded in 1930 and that is the only time plus sized clothing was introduced in the UK market for plus sized women. When you stop to consider it, it does seem a little off that in history, we are taught that during the time of the cavemen, bigger women were seen as the ideal mates because their size was an indicator that life was easier for them—access to food, ability to survive the different environmental changes—and this made them more desirable. As the generations passed, we have been fed a very different image of beauty.  Beauty is seen as being thin. A woman is more appealing when she is thin when there is less meat on the bones. Because this was the way in which society moved when it came to fashion, bigger women were not given much attention anymore but the good thing is that in recent years, plus sizes have been making a comeback.

2013 was a good year for plus size women’s fashion. Retail giant H&M featured a plus size model for one of their swimwear collections and there was no mention of her being a big girl or there was no pun in the advertisement regarding her size. Perhaps one of the biggest victories for plus size women’s fashion, dresses in particular came in September 2013 when Eden Miller featured her collection at the New York Fashion Week. Her was a line that was dedicated solely to plus size women and dresses that she designed for them.