Cocktail Dresses

The cocktail dresses from french connection are designed such that they display the shorter lengths than the traditional gowns. They are mostly worn in the informal cocktail parties.  These dresses are the best thing and of course the most famous outfit for wear when you are attending those events such as prom, semi-formal event and various other occasions.


Although they look casual and chic, the cocktail dresses can also be worn in the formal occasions. These dresses are available in various lengths, shapes, designs and colours. This notwithstanding, the most popular of all the dresses of this type is that which is refereed to as the little black dress.


You are advised and encouraged to familiarize yourself with the lengths of these dresses which are sold in various local stores and online.  The lengths of the cocktail dresses vary depending on the wardrobe acceptability of particular area and the present fashion trends.  Although most of these dresses have length that does not go past the keen, there are some others that run lower even up to two inches just before the ankle.


The cocktail dresses of length that does not go beyond the knee are referred to as the tea-length dresses.  On the other hand, those which reach the ankle of the wearer are referred to as ballerina length style – these are mostly worn together with the evening gowns.


These days, because of the advancement and rapid progress in fashion, the cocktail dresses are available in various arrays of materials from stain and silk up to chiffon finishing.


Because there many people who are   invited to some certain occasions and they do not have the proper ides and tips on that which they need to wear, this causes some general anxiety and fear of not dressing properly.  You should however not worry. There are various clues that can be of great help if you do not have the proper information in that which you need to wear during these vital occasions.


If you have been contacted   over the phone or e-mail to be informed of certain event, there is very high probability that the organizers expect the attendees to be casually dressed.  However, if the communication of invitation to the event is done through email, there is high probability that you are expected to wear cocktail dress.


Short Cocktail Dress

There are also some very important guidelines that need to be observed and followed when you are wearing cocktail dress.  For cocktail party, you are advised to avoid wearing sequined gown because it seems too much formal for that occasion. The best choice is those cocktail dresses whose length does not go beyond the knee.


The most recommended choice of the material used to make the cocktail dresses is silk and satin.  Dresses made from these fabrics are light weight and they conform to the body figure of the wearer. If it is during the summer season, you should wear those dresses that have pastel colours such as pale green, yellow, sky blue and light pink. The Floral prints on the cock tail dresses are also important during these seasons.